Bingo Tie

Well then, one week down!  I hope everybody has enjoyed writing through this first week!  We’ve had some very impressive wordcounts so far – well done to everybody who is ahead of their targets!  And to all, keep writing!


The (updated) NaNoWriMo Essex Bingo Nametag Tie!  Please click the image above to enlarge (& print, if you wish).  The idea with these is to colour in the rows that apply to your novel!  I usually bring these along to Write-Ins and events, but you can also download you tie now from here.  Attach a string to the top and wear it to work with your shirt and blazer.  🙂


One comment

  1. I remember my first NANO tie, three years ago, and how I was so determined to fill it all in. Although I did not manage to include an adult alien abduction scene, I did think about how I could incorporate one! Looking at this new selection, perhaps I can manage about 8 by the end of the month. I love these ties! I kept my first one. It is symbolic of the fun as well as the achievement that Nano brings each year.

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