November Approaches

NaNoEssex Participants,

It’s that time of year again when, collectively, we prepare to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard/touchscreen and write like crazy for a solid month! As November rapidly approaches, I wanted to take a few moments to update you on a few of the basics for the mammoth month as well as send as out details for the Kicking-Off Parties and initial events.

To the new NaNoEssex-ers amongst us: welcome. To the seasoned Essex Wrimo’s: welcome back! Over the next 30 days, you’ll journey on an adventure full of excitement, anticipation, inspiration, panic, exhaustion, triumph, motivation, dedication and joy. You’ll meet new people – in person or otherwise – who will accompany and help you on your voyage. You’ll create new characters that will seem to come to life before your very eyes. You’ll write like crazy and beat your daily word count. You’ll write like crazy and not even come close to your daily word count. You’ll abhor the very act of writing – don’t worry, it’s temporary – and you’ll carry on writing anyway. You’ll end the month with a new outlook, a huge sense of achievement, THE most supportive network you will ever find, and the first draft of a brand new book.

Last year’s record-breaking regional word count was 8,346,404 words (that’s 2,065,700 words up on the previous year!), and this year we’re aiming to write even more! Let’s see if we can beat our record. This year has gifted us a November with five full weekends (!) – So there will be plenty of writing time to boost those novel tallies.

As always, please remember to keep an eye on the Essex region forums. These will be regularly updated in advance of – and over – the month with all of the dates and details you’ll need, as well as other information as it occurs. Please feel free to post in the threads, or to create new ones. Also – the ever popular Facebook group is an excellent place to keep up to date with news, as well as to interact with other NaNoEssex participants. The group is active year round, and everyone is super friendly – so do remember to stop by and say hello!

Following on from last year, the NaNoEssex website has been updated ready for NaNoWriMo 2014. There are a number of different posts by special guest authors scheduled to appear over the month – so please keep an eye out for those. And – as before, NaNoEssex participants are invited to submit their own blog posts for publication on the site. Please send your blog post (approx. 500-1000 words, on the theme of ‘NaNoWriMo’ or ‘writing’ – or a similar related area) to

Finally – the Kicking-Off Party is on Saturday 1st November! We’ll be meeting at annual haunt Caffe Nero in Chelmsford from 2pm to 4.30pm! Please remember to bring along a pen and notepad for any notes or games, and some change to buy a drink. For anyone wishing to work on their novels during or after the Party, please feel free to bring along your writing! The online Kicking-Off Party will be in the regional chatroom on Friday 31st October from 23:45! Join your fellow participants for the online countdown! (The password to enter the chatroom is: NaNoEssex.)

The regional calendar (as available in the Essex region forums and the NaNoEssex website) is up with details of 2014 events. There are a few participant-arranged events currently awaiting confirmation – so these will be added in due course.

I’ll email you again next week with details about, and ahead of, Week One. For now, there’s still time to put any finishing touches to your novel plans, story structures and/or character outlines! And for the pantsters amongst you – time to enjoy those last moments of October freedom!

Until then… see you at the Kick Off!


(NaNo username: Jamey85)


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