Creative Writing Workshop


Nestled within acres of stunning Essex countryside is 15th Century Spains Hall. Close to picturesque Finchingfield (near Braintree), Spains Hall (CM7 4NH) is the venue for an exciting day long CREATIVE WRITING WORKSHOP hosted by


15th November 2014     9.30am – 4.30pm

Finding Inspiration for Creative Writing

Do you wonder where writers get their ideas, what inspires them and how they get their thoughts down on paper?

This section of the workshop focuses on where to look for those exciting storylines and how to use your sense effectively.

Lunch – provided

An exciting opportunity to shape the future of creative writing occurs after lunch as Neil Hesman from The Village Websmith invites you to have your say in a pioneering new database created especially for writers of all abilities.

iCaramba Database (with Neil Hesman)

To keep readers engaged, stories need seamless continuity, events, characters and relationships all need to be consistent and clear.

To help you keep an eye on who is where, when, with whom, doing what and why, the iCaramba database gives a ready reference to your characters and dates.

Designed to handle multiple works simultaneously, with timelines and relationships being available to any number of them, iCaramba makes it easy to avoid clashes and work out storylines that place people in the right scenes.

You can write up entire chapters and make global changes if necessary. This won’t make you a better writer, but will put some things on the back burner, leaving you free to concentrate on your narrative.

Refreshment Break

Getting to Know Your Characters

It is all very well writing about someone, but how do you make them feel like real people to your reader? Using visualisations and discussion, attendees will learn effective tools to use again and again.

By the end of the workshop, you will have:

  • Ideas for your writing
  • Know effective tools for future use
  • Have access to a pioneering database


£137 per person.

Includes all workshop materials, tea/coffee and biscuits all day and lunch.

There is overnight accommodation available for workshop attendees, but this is limited. If required, please contact as soon as possible. The accommodation is offered on a first-come first-served basis, and a room share occupancy. This will be £30 per person.

This is the last workshop of 2014, so don’t miss this opportunity!


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