Writing is Fun

This message comes to you (slightly later than planned) after a very busy time – a week with us writing, blogging, vid-ing, hangout-ing, DJ-ing, guest-appearing, and generally embarking upon the annual crazy writing challenge that is November (or, as Sarah Banham from ‘For the Love of Books’ calls it – ‘NaNovember’). 🙂

With one week completed, there are three more to go! We’re a quarter of the way through! How are you feeling? How’s your writing going? Are you happy with your novel so far? For those who are slightly behind their expected targets – don’t panic! There’s still plenty of time left to get to 50,000 (or your alternative target). Just look at what you’ve accomplished in week one – that’s pretty impressive. And – as a region, we’re on target to once again annihilate last year’s total collective word count!

I wanted to send out a reminder that today is ‘Back Up Your Novel Day’, as well as give you all a heads up about Week Two – the hardest and most notorious of November weeks (lol – mwa ha ha). NaNoWriMo veterans amongst you will be very aware of the challenges of the second week (affectionately known as ‘The Wall’). Usually hitting at the end of the second week, it’s the point when all of the energy and enthusiasm you’ve been putting into your writing starts to slow as you realise that you do, in fact, need to sleep. When real life and family/work/other commitments intrude into your dedicated writing time, and demand your attention. It’s also the approach to the half way point – when all of the tension and plot lines in your story build to a big dramatic height. But, again – don’t panic. The way through is to keep writing. Just keep writing. And if in doubt, post on the forums or Facebook group for some friendly encouragement. The good news is that this stage is relatively short-lived, and once you’ve cleared it – it’s easy going all the way through to the end.

It also helps if you can get to a Write-In, or communal event – to surround yourself with fellow writers and a friendly, safe, supportive group environment. There are Write-Ins today in Colchester and Harlow (please find details online), and in Chelmsford every Saturday. There are also online Writing Marathons (Write-Ins) every Friday night in the NaNoEssex chatroom. Be sure to check in to the different online areas – there’s lots of information, event details, writing fun, and more. We also have a series of blog posts scheduled over the month – covering lots of different aspects of NaNoWriMo and writing – be sure to read along!

Also – please do have a look at the sponsor offers. Storybundle.com are offering a Writing Tools Bundle of up to 12 ebooks on writing by bestselling authors and writing instructors. The offer ends on November 30th! They’ve also offered NaNoEssex one free bundle as a competition prize! So keep your eyes peeled for competition details!

Finally, don’t forget to sign up to the NaNoEssex Secret Santa exchange!

If you have any questions, or are unsure about any element of the challenge, please do feel free to get in touch. You can contact me at the email listed [on the contact page], or on any of the online NaNoEssex areas. You can also post direct to the Facebook group and chat to your fellow NaNoEssex participants!

Good Luck!


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  1. Thank you for the helpful comments, Gerald. I only have one point on which to take issue,- writing is so much more than fun, it’s addictive!

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