A Few Updates (ahead of November 2015)

It’s almost October already! This time of the year goes so quickly – it will be November before we know it! Do you know what you will be writing during November this year? Are you busy planning your novel? Making lots of story and character notes?

This year, I thought it would be a good idea to dedicate October to planning what you will write during November! I’ve come up with a month-long series of small daily tasks that will take you from ‘I have no idea what to write’ to ‘I’m completely ready for November’. Some tasks will take a little longer than others, but none of them should take too long to complete. The idea is to do a little bit every day. It’s designed as an informal, gentle, fun, helpful introduction to November, and a way to help you keep going throughout the month!

To give a bit of time to think about each challenge, they will all be posted at 7pm in the evening of the previous day! The first ‘task’ will be posted tonight!

For those that have been keeping an eye on the website and/or calendar, events for this year’s writing-month-marathon are already listed. More will be added as dates and details are confirmed. Do please continue to check back. Make sure to keep your diary clear so that you can attend your favourite events!

We have a new logo this year:


And, behind the scenes, there’s a lot happening! This year’s stickers have already arrived (come back on the 1st November for this year’s image and theme reveal!), the goody bags are being assembled, and a huge amount of paperwork has been read, addressed and completed.

2015-09-21 10.20.17

New this year are a few NaNoEssex group documents – Community Guidelines, Copyright Notice, and advice on Arranging a NaNoEssex Write-In/Event. Still in progress is a FAQ document, that will be added during October. Please do ensure that you read through and are happy with these documents/guidelines. If you have any questions, please do get in touch (nanoessexml@gmail.com). Please find the documents under the Group Docs page!


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