This Year





This year we have lots happening!

…Emma will be speaking live to Dave Monk on BBC Essex radio, Sarah Banham is running a NaNo Support Group on her Writer’s Block radio show, Sarah-Jane Bird is posting a daily video diary on her The Book Life YouTube channel, Gerald is hosting a series of WriteChat conversations on Google Hangouts to explore NaNoWriMo and the writing process…

We have events in Caffe Nero in Chelmsford, 15 Queen Street in Colchester, The Hare pub in Harlow, the NaNoEssex chatroom on the Essex region forums, BHS Cafe in Chelmsford, Costa in Harlow…

We also have a series of Guest Author blog posts scheduled – with topics ranging from taking part in National Novel Writing Month, to personal writing challenges, to Essex-based NaNoWriMo events and activities, to writing post-November! Make sure to check back regularly and follow along with our Special Guest Authors!

  • Petra McQueen
  • Gerald Hornsby
  • Kate Tenbeth
  • Sarah Banham
  • Stuart Wakefield







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