Anna Marsden

I can’t praise NaNoWriMo and NanoEssex highly enough. There are so many things I love about the whole thing. An adventurous, exhilarating,  scary rollercoaster of a ride! I will definitely be back next year.

Ali Maq Peregrine 

I decided to take the NaNoWriMo challenge for three main reasons: firstly, I was suffering from complete writer’s block on a non-fiction book project that was started last January and stalled not long after; secondly, there is a novel in my head that’s been there for YEARS, but every time I try to start, just won’t come out; and thirdly, I like a challenge.  I thought beforehand that the discipline of writing every day would wear me out; would become a chore, and that I would lose interest, or run out of words.  56,000 words later, having finished the challenge early, I am still writing, and eagerly so.  With, I hasten to add, the encouragement, positivity and support of fellow NaNos online via the facebook group; going through the same challenge, bad writing days, life getting in the way; as well as the small and large victories of meeting targets and updating wordcounts.  We are all winners, and our hand-wrought words are potent reminders of what can be achieved.  Whilst the novel I have written most of for NaNoWriMo is nothing like the one in my head, I have immersed myself in it, and in doing so, have reclaimed a part of myself that I will never again surrender.